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The eXtension Program

Developing an education ecosystem to support the growth of knowledge within the Arts outside of the standard structure of the institutional approach.
The eXtension Program is powered by Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc, a non-profit Charity. A.R.T Performances Inc is powered by YOU.


About The Project

In a fast pace and changing world, it is critical we review how we are delivering training within the entertainment industry.

Support by the A.R.T Performances Inc this project is well positioned to set up an Arts based education incubator in St Kilda to explore and map out the future of training within a STEAM platform.

Mentors - Teachers - Programs

The Portal

This site is designed to gather educators and tools that may not normally be found into one location to become an extension of the current mainstream education system. Offering diversity and support for the trainer and student alike.

Peter Kalos

Peter Kalos

The Method 2.0 with Peter Kalos
New Online Course!
Free Until May 28th

Teacher to the Stars

Pat Wilson

A singing teacher and vocal coach.
Specialising in music theatre genres
Teaching singers to act and actors

Develop Your Voice

Adrian Barnes

Adrian Barnes

Audition Preparation, Skills Maintenance, Basic Acting techniques

The Acting Teacher

Fools In Progress Commediadellarte

Fools In Progress

Commedia dell'arte training for students, teachers & actors. Educational and Technical

Learn from the Masters

Bayside Actors Studio


Theatre, Film and Television Adult, Teens & Kids Programs
Private Coaching

Industry Based Knowledge

Australia Film Base

Australian Film Base

Sydney & Melbourne
4 Month Film Making Course
Online editing Course

Emerging & Professional

Theatre Blacks

Professional Performances Training

In Musical Theatre & Dance
Industry Experienced Teachers

Theatre Blacks

Chris Quinlan

Drum & Guitar Lessons

All styles of music are taught with patience, humour and an attention to detail.

Award Winning

Bayside Actors Studio


Theatre, Film and Television Adult, Teens & Kids Programs
Private Coaching

Industry Based Knowledge

The eXtension Program


Are you a Mentor in the Arts sector looking to share your knowledge and skills with others?

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The eXtension Program


Have you the track record of teaching in the Arts and are looking for support to gain students?

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The eXtension Program


The program is perfect and now you are looking for a channel to share your knowledge with others?

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Collaboration in Learning

Join Now

If you are an Educator, Mentor or have a Training Program you want to share that you believe will have an impact on the development of the Arts in Australia, we want to facilitate others hearing about your work.

Whether you have an existing program or need our assistance to move your program online and to the next level we are interested to hear more about what you are doing or planning on creating.

To apply to be part of Our Arts based education incubator.

extraordinary opportunities

Key Areas

Within the vision set by Aleksandar Vass OAM for education in the Arts there are six core pillars within the Business of Show Business.

Entertainment - Education - Venue Management - Community Engagement - Research and Innovation - Support

Within Education we focus on Mentoring, Teaching and Programs that develop practical skills from.

The word was inspired by the character of Mentor son of Alcimus in Homer’s Odyssey. 

We believe the value of an experienced and trusted adviser is of the greatest value in our education model. The Mentor supports and guides a person as they learn a set of values and precepts along the educational Journey.

Do you have what it takes to be a Mentor?  Or are you looking for a Mentor in the Arts? 

Have you developed a training program within the performing Arts sector based on specific knowledge and skills that would improve the growth and future value of a student to the Arts community? 

From performance based courses, design classes, writing methods and business programs we are looking for the X-factor of education. 

Have you something unique and need assistance to communicate to other or develop further? 

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